Time Definity

For those vital early morning non duitable deliveries to major business locations in Europe, Russia. StartDay Express is supported by proactive delivery notification and a money back guarantee, and is available to international destinations.

Day Definity

PEGAS Express gives service with Midday Express for both international dutiable and non duitable urgent shipments.

For those non duitable urgent AM deliveries to a wide range of business locations in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East and also for duitable urgent AM deliveries to wide range of business locations in Europe. MidDay Express is available to international destinations and supported by a money back guarantee.

Road and Rail Freight

From groupage to full-loads by road/ intermodal and rail transportation, freight forwarding services, trade fairs & events and customs services. Value-added ServicesSpecial Pick-up and Delivery Information Services Dangerous Goods Payment/Billing Services Insurance

Your road and rail connection to international markets With a strong global presence in all key markets, PEGAS is well positioned to support all of your road and rail freight transportation needs.

Air and Ocean Freight

Global Air and Ocean Freight worldwide services for all your transportation needs.


Supply Chain Optimisation Vehicle management Services Distribution to stores sanagement Store logistics

Returns and Parts Management

Reverse Logistics
Service Logistics
Inbound to Manufacturing
Medical Device Distribution
Distibution to Stores Management
Engineering Response

Integrated Supply Chain

Comprehensive supply chain management services from a single source.

Lead Logistics Provider
Freight Management
Supply Chain Management


Global order processing, inventory management and warehousing.

Warehouse Infrastructure Networks
Warehouse Management Solutions
Inventory Optimisation
Special Warehouse Solutions
Outsourcing Projects

Value Added Services

Add supply chain value – from kitting to packaging and bundling.

Product Assembly
Other Value Added Services

Specialist Services

Customised integration solutions for complex supply chains.

Environmental Compliance Solutions
Procurement Solutions
Property Services
Publishing Solutions

Industry Solutions

PEGAS recognises the high importance of serving specialist global industry sectors and the need for an industry-focused approach to the supply chain. No matter where in the world, our industry teams are there, servicing the market and building best practice solutions.

Mail Services

Regular communication with your customers around the world is critical to your business – from product information to promotional mail shots, invoices to annual reports. The result can be mountains of mail that block your mailroom and drain your resources and budgets.

Shipping Tools

Shipping Tools – the quick and easy way to handle shipping. Not only does PEGAS offer a one-stop solution to your shipping needs, we make shipping simple and efficient. Whether you’re looking for simple on-line shipping, shipping management or integration solutions, the solution is only a click away.

Logistics Solutions

Our company focuses on you, the customer. Regardless of what industry sector you work in, we can handle all of your complex, global logistics needs: PEGAS provides you with customised, IT-based solutions along the entire supply chain.

Global Mail Business – Benefits

Convenience PEGAS pick-up – no need to visit your post office Global Mail sorting and stamping – no need to sort your mail before pick-up Contracts – one-stop shop solutions available with pre-agreed rates Use of PEGAS air waybills – simple and familiar process One simple invoice sent after shipping – no need for pre-payment Quality Global Mail as a postal channel – globally renowned mail expertise State-of-the-art facilities around the world for weighing and franking of individual mail pieces and sorting by format and destination Tracking – tracking of Global Mail Business available until injection into postal channels